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Current Student Practice Minutes

Record ID Date/Time Entered (EST) Student Name Day of Week Start Time End Time Student Notes
74 1/16/2022, 9:09:10 PM Chwalik, Chet (trio) 7 1730 1800 continued to work dolphin dance in 12 keys
69 1/13/2022, 4:34:20 PM Chwalik, Chet (trio) 4 1130 1230 -reviewed audio of Herbie solo on Milt Jackson album, started to transcribe -worked heads of Dolphin Dance and There Is No Greater Love in all 12 keys -reviewed head of Freedom Jazz Dance
56 12/16/2021, 1:22:04 PM Chwalik, Chet (trio) 4 0900 1000 -review audio and takes notes -work Eddie-like (with reference to Freedom Jazz Dance -work heads of Dolphin Dance and There Is No Greater Love -Review fourth voicings and associated scales (e.g., for Festival)

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