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Happy 2014!

M e r r y   C h r i s t m a s   and Happy New Year
from Our Family To Yours!

Wishing you the Gifts of the Season - Peace, Joy, & Hope.
May You and Yours have a Wonderful Christmas & a Prosperous New Year!

December, 2012
(pictures are from 2008)

A little news about the California Chwaliks:

Adelina is enjoying 6th grade, her first year in middle school!  She loves singing in the school choir, of which her daddy is the piano accompanist!

Zachary is in 8th grade now!  He continues to play the cello very well and of course still loves his video games.  This is also his second year with the city basketball league...he's a great stealer!

Adam is a freshman in high school and has all A's!  He sings in both high school choirs, one of which performed recently with the Folsom Lake Symphony orchestra and did a beautiful job! He continues to be an avid reader and loves his iPad (maybe too much).   :)  

Gabrielle is in her junior year in college!  She continues to be a fantastic french horn player, continuing to play for another year with the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra! She is a math tutor while double majoring in Mathematics and Comparitive Literature!

Alexandra is a proud graduate of UC San Diego where she majored in Psyhology. She continues to reside in the San Diego area, currently working hard to put a dent in her student loans!  I'm so proud of her too!!

I (Chet) continue to run my music business and am loving it!  It's called The Tuning Note.  As part of my weekly church job, I just successfully completed this year's huge Christmas concert, involving hours and hours of preparation. With this concert I was a conductor for the entire 1st half, and for the 2nd half was the arranger, copyist and a performer. I will be posting video of the first half, where we performed several selections from "The Messiah".
I also continue to 'gig' all around the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas. I have a thriving home teaching studio, teaching piano, trumpet and jazz lessons to all ages.  I will also be starting to offer group master classes.  I continue to accompany the local high school and middle school choirs (including those with Adam and Adelina), occasionally tune pianos.

I'm excited about the new year and have several music projects in mind (a personal concert or two, including classical and jazz; new big band arrangements; a new jump blues/swing band; a new jazz trio; a new R&B/smooth jazz group; and a new Christmas recording for next Christmas) - I'll keep you posted!  :)

I also plan to return to more Chwalik family-related projects, such as updating the famous Chwalik Family Cookbook, including making an CD version!  I will also be updating the Chwalik Family tree, which can be no easy task!  :) And God willing, I will be saving $ to return to Poland.  I've traced the roots of our family back to a small village in the south-eastern part of Poland and look forward to visiting 'the old country'.

Well, until next time - God bless and Have a Safe and Happy New Year!
our family

our family
our family
our family
our family
our family

Let us know what YOU'RE up to!

The weather in Folsom, CA area is awesome - come visit us sometime!!

Below are just a few pictures of us over the past years!














2017 Thanksgiving

2016 Thanksgiving

2015 Thanksgiving

2012 Thanksgiving

2010 Turkey!

2011 Feeding yummy turkey skin!

On our way for Alexandra to try out for American Idol in San Diego!

Zachary during his 2nd grade play!

Adam's solo singing debut in his 3rd grade play

Zachary's 1st Communion!!

Adam's 9th Birthday!

Zachary at Deer Park in Ohio (2014)


our family
2006 Chwalik Family Reunion (outside of Atlanta, GA)

At the St. John's Ministry Pot Luck

At the El Dorado County Fair

Go Rivercats!! (Sacramento Minor League baseball team)

Three little ones having fun at Funderland!


Fourth of July!!


Two All-American gymnasts!


A Toledo, Ohio Christmas!
(Yes, I climbed those trees and put all those lights up!)

My list of school teachers from Kingergarten (Holmes School) and 1st through 8th Grade (St. Wendelin):
K - Ilene Haver
1 -
2 - Mrs. Mary Brostman
3 - Mrs. V. Lannen
4 - Mrs. Patricia Beecher
5 - Sister Katheryn Marie
6 - Mrs. Cathy Krupp
7 - Mrs. Sharyn Lininger
8 - Sister Mary Gail

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