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Beer Barrel Polka

Please enjoy the below games. All use javascript code and work best with the highest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape, but e-mail me if you encounter any problems. Enjoy!!

GameDescription Pierogi Throw This is my favorite! This is one I redesigned from one that involved catapulting a cow onto the target. Battleship In this version you and the computer each have 11 ships and play on a grid that is 16 x 16. Blackjack This is the classic game of "21" or Blackjack in Javascript. Box In On a grid, 9 'boxes' by 9 'boxes', try to box the computer in, one side at a time. The winner has the most boxes completed once all the boxes have been made. Breakout This one gives you 5 balls and a timer. Buzzy The objective of this game is to click on as many green boxes as possible. The time limit is 60 seconds. Chess This chess game allows you to change the color of the backround as well as change the chess pieces. This is a 2 player game! (but sharing the same keyboard of course) Concentration This one calculates how long it takes you to win. You can then compare with friends and see who is the fastest! Critter Thwacking Click 25 "critters", or smileys, as fast as you can on a grid that is 9 x 10. Discover the Word This one's like Wheel of Fortune. Face Memory This one is pretty cool. The web page randomizes the features (10) of a facial image, then you have to remember what they were. Hangman No timings or hangman diagram, but it's still fun. This one's on the presidents of the United States. Math (multiple choice) You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. It will even keep track of high scores, but only while you remain on the page. Rearrange The Numbers! This one you unscramble a grid anywhere from 3 x 3 to 10 x 10! The Towers of Hanoi Here you must move 7 layers of a "tower" from one post to one of two others, back and forth, until you've completely moved the whole tower from one pole to another.