To Dream Is To Believe
Lullabies For All To Enjoy!


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Welcome to "To Dream Is To Believe!" This recording is full of gentle, peaceful music, sure to make for a night full of wonderful, magical dreams.

The selections on this recording were inspired by my own two little dreamers, Adam and Zachary (and then enjoyed by my youngest, Adelina). They go to bed every night listening to this music, and then tell me all their dreams the next day. I'm sure you will enjoy the music as much as they have!

Be sure to check out the lyrics and more using the links above!

Sweetest dreams!

With Love,

A few "notes" about this tape...
In most cases, I play the melody, then continue with my own music, improvising around the same chords. I took my time deciding which songs to include on this tape, and spent time choosing songs with lyrics I liked as well. The last song on Side A (#11 on the CD) ends in a very simple way, with only single notes. The song "Mommy and Daddy Love You" was a song I used to sing to my two daughters, Alexandra and Gabrielle, when they were little.

All lyrics are available by clicking here.

The Selections:
Cradle Song
Do You Know How Many Stars
Land of Nod
The Sandman
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Sleep, Darling, Sleep
Sleep, O Sleep
Slumber Song
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Little Boy Blue
Winkum, Winkum
All The World Is Sleeping
Day and Night
Now The Day Is Over
Sleep On, Little One
Sun Is Down
Sweet Be Your Sleep
Mommy and Daddy Love You *
The North Wind And The Sun
To Dream Is To Believe *

* Written by Chet Chwalik


Day and Night

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