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"How to Get Your Child To Practice...Without Resorting to Violence!!"

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Available?: Yes Borrower: Category: Pedagogy
Author: Richards, Cynthia Copyright: 1985 Publishing Company: Advance Arts & Music
Media: Book Number of Pages: 151
In this enjoyable and informative book, Cynthia Richards draws on thirty-five years of experience in teaching music to young people and helping them succeed. She reveals the techniques that work and the traps that can defeat the entire process. She teaches how to use practicing as a means of building parent-child relationships rather than damaging them.

One of the most popular books written for parents of young music students. "If you are a parent who finds yourself standing over a pre-adolescent child with a stick, at the brink of giving the whole thing up, you might try using less pressure, less emotion and less verbalizing. Try some incentives..." This book is full of those incentives.
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