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"Interpreting Bach at the Keyboard"

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Available?: Yes Borrower: Category: Interpretation
Author: Badura-Skoda, Paul Copyright: 1995 Publishing Company: Clarendon Press
Media: Book Number of Pages: 573
Description: The ever-increasing number of performances of Bach_s music is a sign of its enduring vitality. Yet there exists a diversity of interpretation of a magnitude that probably applies to no other composer. Assessing the varying merits of those interpretational approaches and getting to grips with the sources and documents on which they are based can be extremely difficult for a modern performer.

Paul Badura-Skoka, who has been studying and performing Bach_s keyboard music for more that 40 years, here presents a host of valuable new insights drawn from his deep knowledge of the sources and of the problems of interpretation. He looks in detail at the various aspects of Bach_s music, providing chapters on rhythm, articulation, and dynamics. He also examines the instruments of which the music was intended, and discusses interpretational issues arising from this, as well as problems of sonority. The second part of the book is devoted to a comprehensive discussion of ornamentation with a detailed examination of each of the signs and symbols used by Bach. This discussion is prompted not only by its central importance to baroque music in general, but also because the author believes so much of Bach_s ornamentation in current performance practice is monotonous and fails to correspond to the baroque style at all.

Sometimes contentious, always stimulating, Paul Badura-Skoda_s text conveys a passion for an informed interpretation of Bach_s music based upon a recognition and respect for Bach_s musical and intellectual intentions. Copiously illustrated throughout with music examples, Interpreting Bach at the Keyboard will take its place as a standard work for all students and performers of Bach_s keyboard music.
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