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"Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique, The"

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Available?: Yes Borrower: Category: Technique
Author: Ortmann, Otto Copyright: 1962 Publishing Company: E.P. Dutton & Co.
Media: Book Number of Pages: 395
Description: An Experimental Study of the Nature of Muscular Action as used in Piano Playing, and of the Effects Thereof Upon the Piano Key and the Piano Tone

Introduction by Arnold Schultz

Illustrated with photographs and drawings

First published in 1929, this revolutionary book by Otto Ortmann has been acclaimed by musicians throughout America as the most fundamental and comprehensive study ever written on the nature of muscular action as used in piano playing, and the effects of this action upon the piano key and piano tone. The results of this study are of immense value both to the teacher and student of the piano, since it clarifies many special problems of technique, as well as providing a necessary basis for the investigation of the psychological problems of piano playing.
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