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"Piano Teacher_s Source Book, The: An Annotated Bibliography of Books Related to the Piano and Piano Music"

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Available?: Yes Borrower: Category: Pedagogy
Author: Hinson, Maurice Copyright: 1974 Publishing Company: Belwin Mills Publishing Corp.
Media: Book Number of Pages: 96
Description: Includes 16-page "1st Supplement"

From the Introduction:

In recent years the amount of literature related to the piano and its many facets has increased so voluminously that it has become almost impossible for any one teacher to keep up with this ever-expanding field. The Piano Teacher_s Source Book is aimed at providing assistance with this problem.

Twelve categories will facilitate locating works in various areas: Accompanying, Aesthetics, Analysis, Biographies, Church Music, Class Piano, Construction and Design, History, Lists of Piano Music, Ornamentation, Pedagogy, and Performance Practices. Some entries are not described since their titles are self-explanatory. Only books in English are included in this bibliography. Three indexes also provide assistance.
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